How Much is a New Key Fob?

Nissan Key Fobs


Maybe this has happened to you: you’re getting ready for work, meeting up with a friend, or running errands and your Nissan key fob battery has died. If you find yourself in this situation, you will likely need to perform a little key fob repair, and replace the batteries. However, you may be wondering if you can still start your car with a dead key fob. Learn how much is a new key fob, key fob repair and more with the service department at Ken Ganley Nissan!

Getting Into & Starting Your Car with a Dead Nissan Key Fob Battery

You may need a Nissan key fob replacement, but in the meantime, you’ll still need to get into your vehicle.

  1. First, flip the key fob over, then push the small release latch.
  2. Pull out the hidden emergency key from the bottom of the fob.
  3. Insert the key in the driver’s side door and unlock it to enter.

Starting Your Vehicle with a Dead Nissan Key Fob Battery

Once you’re inside your vehicle, you’ll need to know how to start Nissan with a dead key fob.

If your Nissan vehicle has a key fob port, simply put the fob in the port and tap the brake pedal or clutch as you press the START/STOP button. If your Nissan truck, car or SUV does not have a port, step on the brake or clutch as you press the key fob against the START/STOP button.

Changing Your Nissan Key Fob Battery 

You’ll need to get your Nissan key fob parts prior to performing this task, which simply means getting a battery to perform a key fob repair in Wadsworth. Here are the steps for replacing your key fob parts:

  1. Remove the hidden key you used to get into your Nissan.
  2. Remove the key housing and take out the old battery after taking note of the position.
  3. Replace the CR2025 battery, making sure the negative side of the battery is facing up toward you.
  4. Put the key fob back together, and test it to ensure it works properly.

So, how much is a new key fob? Replacing your fob could cost anywhere from $100-$250 depending on the vehicle and type of fob. 

Learn More About Key Fob Parts with Ken Ganley Nissan

If you still need help with your Nissan key fob replacement, or you are having issues despite performing your key fob repair at home in Brunswick you can contact our service team and schedule an appointment in Medina. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with our service tips and tricks to stay informed on car maintenance!

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