What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

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Buying a pre-owned vehicle offers many benefits to Strongsville drivers like you, including a lower price, less depreciation, and more affordable access to advanced features and trim levels. However, it’s important to know what to look for when buying a used car so you can ensure you’re making the right investment decision for your needs and budget.

Fortunately, you have already completed the first step to finding the perfect ride by coming to Ken Ganley Nissan, a trusted used car dealership in Medina. Below, we cover what to ask when buying a used car as well as what to look for before you sign the dotted line. We’re here to help with anything you need, so feel free to contact us with any questions you have along the way!

Buying a Used Vehicle from a Dealership

Here are some important steps you should take when buying a pre-owned vehicle from a dealership like Ken Ganley Nissan:

  • Know Your Budget: You don’t want to finance a vehicle you can’t afford, so it’s crucial that you have a solid understanding of your budget. Be sure to include routine maintenance, future repairs, new tires, and other costs that may be associated with the vehicle you’re interested in. You can get an idea of what your monthly payments will be with our payment calculator. Remember, your monthly payment should be no more than 10% of your monthly income.
  • Research the Vehicle: Another benefit of buying used is that you can look up reliability reviews from sites like Edmunds or KelleyBlueBook to see if it’s a good buy or not. You can also research how much the vehicle typically sells for in your area to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Inspect the Vehicle and Take a Test Drive: If you have shopped for a used vehicle before, you know that the process is somewhat trial-and-error. You should always have a mechanic thoroughly inspect the vehicle for any mechanical or cosmetic issues. Of course, you’ll also want to take a test drive to see how you feel behind the wheel.
  • Used Car Financing and Other Fees: After finding the right used vehicle for your needs, take some extra time to explore your loan options. Remember to keep registration fees, state sales tax, and other fees and credits in mind. If you plan on trading in your current vehicle, you should factor that in as well. You can find out how much your car is worth with our trade-in calculator.

What to Ask When Buying a Used Car

It’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask when you’re in the middle of shopping for a used vehicle. That said, we always recommend writing all of your questions down before you head to the dealership. To get you started, here’s what to ask when buying a used car in Brunswick or Wadsworth:

  • Is there a history of maintenance?
  • Is the vehicle history report available?
  • What is the ownership history?
  • Do you have the title in hand?
  • What is the vehicle’s mileage?
  • Are there any current recalls on the vehicle?
  • How was the vehicle priced?
  • Can I take the car to a mechanic for an inspection?
  • Is the car as is, or is it under warranty?
  • Does this vehicle affect your insurance premiums?
  • Do all of the amenities and features work like they’re supposed to?

Start Shopping for Used Vehicles in Medina Today!

Now that you have an idea of what to look for when buying a used car, feel free to start looking at our used vehicle inventory online! You can contact us anytime with questions. For more information, check out our car buying tips.


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