2023 Nissan LEAF Range

2023 nissan leaf charging
If you’re looking to ditch your gas guzzler and upgrade to a fully-electric vehicle, you owe it to yourself to check out the 2023 Nissan LEAF. This vehicle is highly-rated by Strongsville drivers and industry experts alike for its spacious cabin, state-of-the-art technology, and stylish design. Explore the Nissan LEAF range, fuel economy, and charging time with the team at Ken Ganley Nissan below!



2023 Nissan LEAF Fuel Economy

What is the fuel economy of the 2023 Nissan LEAF? This is sort of a trick question, seeing as the Nissan LEAF runs solely on electric power. One gallon of gasoline is equal to roughly 33.7 kWh of electric power, which means that the EPA-estimated Nissan LEAF fuel economy is calculated to be:

  • Nissan LEAF S w/ 40 kwh lithium-ion battery: 123 MPGe city / 99 MPGe hwy / 111 MPGe combined
  • Nissan LEAF SV Plus with 60 kwh lithium-ion battery: 121 MPGe city / 98 MPGe hwy / 109 MPGe combined

2023 Nissan LEAF Range

Like other Brunswick drivers, you may be wondering how far the Nissan LEAF can go before it needs to be charged. This is also known as the Nissan LEAF range. Here are the details:

  • With a fully charged 40 kWh battery: Up to a 149-mile EPA range
  • With a fully charged 60 kWh battery: Up to a 212-mile EPA range

What kind of power can you expect from the Nissan LEAF on Wadsworth roads? When equipped with the 40 kWh battery, the Nissan LEAF churns out 147 hp and 236 lb-ft or torque. Meanwhile, the 60 kWh battery achieves 214 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque.

2023 Nissan LEAF Charging Options

So, how does charging the Nissan LEAF work? There are three charging options available for the Nissan LEAF. Explore them in greater detail below.

240-Volt Public or Home Charging

One of the most popular methods of EV charging is the 240-volt outlet with Portable Charging Cable, also known as Level 2 Charging. This type of charging method can be found at public charging stations around Medina, but you can also have an electrician set it up for you at home. Here is how long it will take to fully charge the Nissan LEAF:

  • With a 40 kWh battery: Flat to fully charged in 7.5 hours
  • With a 60 kWh battery: Flat to fully charged in 11 hours

480-Volt Public DC Quick Charging

The fastest and most convenient way to charge your Nissan LEAF is with 480-Volt DC Quick Charging. DC charging stations can be found across the U.S. and continue to become more accessible as time goes on. Here is how long it will take for your LEAF to reach an 80 percent charge:

  • With a 40 kWh battery: 40 minutes
  • With a 60 kWh battery: 60 minutes

What’s more? The Nissan LEAF SV features a High-output Quick Charge Port that allows the 60 kWh battery to reach an 80% charge in 45 minutes with a 100kW fast charger!

120-Volt Standard Outlet

Also known as Level 1 charging, this method uses a 120V outlet to charge your Nissan LEAF and is the slowest option. However, it’s quite convenient seeing as you can find a 120V outlet just about anywhere! A 120V charging cable is included with the purchase of a Nissan LEAF, ensuring you always have a way of charging your vehicle.

Questions About the Nissan LEAF Range?

Now that you have an overview of the Nissan LEAF, why not head over to Ken Ganley Nissan to experience this phenomenal vehicle for yourself? If you have any questions about the Nissan LEAF fuel economy, charging time, or a different topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our research hub!


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